You can find paintings at the Crocodile Cafe, Ghost Gallery, RADAR RECORDS, Vermillion Art Gallery & 95 Slide in Seattle WA, The Future Perfect in Brooklyn NY, MAINSITE in Norman OK, CANADA Gallery in NYC, SO36 in Berlin Germany, Gallery Gora in Montreal QC, SOLO Snack Shack in Seattle, WA & Fredric Snitzer Gallery in Miami FL. I also made comics for MTV & currently contribute to The Stranger. OTHER HOT TIPS: I have a TUMBLR + a Twitter + a Facebook + an Etsy + an Instagram. I also run an art gallery called Derek Erdman's International House of Paintings.


NOTICE: There will be no more updates made to this webpage. Go to this webpage for updates. Thanks + sorry.


MAY 13, 2013: The Jen Graves #1 Critic Art Bench is up for a City Arts award. Feel free to vote for it, if you'd like. I don't mind if I don't win though. I'm currently up to my neck in spare cash.

APRIL 07, 2013: Does anybody want a bunch of really great Pink Floyd records? I'm paring down my belongings (again) and seem to have duplicates of Meddle. Like, five copies or something dumb. Forward your address to this email account and I'll put some in the mail. Oh, please be in the US. I'm not made of postage + Pink Floyd records.

MARCH 20, 2013: Please note a bunch of lyrics have been added to the bottom of the Wesley Willes Rock Music Repository. Here's a bunch of excellent stuff that has happened: Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Nardwuar, & the Nardwuar jacket. I got a job at Sub Pop and was part of the 8th best Sub Pop hoax ever! I currently have an art show up at Seattle's best movie theatre, Central Cinema. Sarah Moody & I are DJing at the Pony next Thursday w/ DJ Explorateur, it's PARTY OUT OF BOUNDS #2. Other things: Sweet & Tender Tat, Twins, Stool Boom. Thanks for reading this. Send me an email and I'll mail you something.

FEBRUARY 25, 2013: Are you totally hungry and interested in a quick and easy meal? Try this Gas Station Fried Chicken Salad Forever™ recipe!

FEBRUARY 21, 2013: There a bunch of things to look at right here. Otherwise, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Do some jumping jacks!

FEBRUARY 02, 2013: Here's a brief visual file update. PLUS: one of my new favorite things are pet portraits by Zerrin Koch! Also for reading: "(Alleged) Police Standoff Whippit Guy: What's on Yr iPod?", "LOST (TV Series 2004–2010)", "Morrissey Related Life Goal Achieved", "NSI Presents: On The Prowl", "HOLY WHOA: Curb Cruisin'", "Thrasher Magazine A Blast From the Past and Present", "His Master's Faltering Voice", "CL Trade: 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan For Heroin, Fentanyl, Dilaudid, Etc.", "Seattle Craigslist Grunge Watch", "Kenny May was in the Hospital".

JANUARY 23, 2013: Emily Nokes talks about getting married in haste + a great Jim Newberry photograph, right here.

JANUARY 22, 2013: Today is the birthday of Julia Rickert. She is a very important person in the world. I can't even measure how important Julia is. I'd like to thank Julia's parents for making her, and also for making her brother Chuck. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIA! As I was walking home from the post office an hour ago, I received a phone call from a woman who is helping to make a movie called Lucky Them. They're filming here in Seattle at the Crocodile, where I have a lot of paintings, and they needed to get my permission to have the paintings in their movie. "Who is in the movie?" I asked. "It's directed by Megan Griffiths," she replied. "And features Thomas Haden Church, Allison Janney, and Toni Collette." I stopped dead in my tracks. "TONI COLLETTE!" I exclaimed. "I LOVE TONI COLLETTE!"

JANUARY 17, 2013: There are some things to see RIGHT HERE.

JANUARY 16, 2013: Bored out of your gourd? Take this quiz!

JANUARY 07, 2013: The Vermillion show was a wild success and I have these four paintings left over. Buy them for cheap!

JANUARY 02, 2013: The Robert Griffin III Coat Rack made CSTB! Also exciting: Sara Kaye Larson's delightful foray into filming zookeepers, and a bunch of photos. Did you see that Oxford comma that I just used? So compelling! See also: "Black Flag at the Safeway."

DECEMBER 18, 2012:

I hearby declare the best album of 2012 to be Bruise or Be Bruised by Prissy Clerks.

DECEMBER 17, 2012: Have a look at wonderful cat photography by Tara Atkinson. See also: My Dick the band.

DECEMBER 16, 2012: Thanks a lot to everybody who came to the Derek Erdman / Anna Minard Sandwich Birthday Party. It was so much fun, it took forever to clean up. Here is the only photo that I took of it. Lisa Seguin took some other photos, but I can't find them. They mostly included people wearing a tiara, including the guy from San Francisco who was arrested at Disney Land for making out (?) with his girlfriend (?) in the woman's bathroom (?). Here are other photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Happy birthday, Ashley! Alas, my favorite part of my birthday was having my dear friends Julia & Steve come for a visit. It was the best time, I was the Star Perf!

BUY ONE, GET NOTHING FREE: an art show by Nikki Burch, Brittany Kusa & Derek Erdman. December 13th, 7pm at Vermillion. Attend if you want, goof.

NOVEMBER 16, 2012: Today, while sending packages at the post office, the clerk mentioned to me that she had been to Italy. "I got lost in Venice, it was wonderful," she remarked. I told her that Venice was the first place that I had egg on a pizza. "You don't eat pizza in Italy!" she answered. "That's for Americans!" It seemed like the kind of thing that you should just think and not say. "What did you eat while you were there?" I asked, hoping to figure out what people should eat while in Italy. "Sausage. A lot of sausage," she replied. Regardless, have a look at these photos: Dino Jr. poster stack, Patty on extreme weather, Twinkie the Kid goes to Israel, JAW BUSTERS ARE NOT $.45! Here are some paintings: We Can All Just Get Along, Beware: Electricity, RUN-DMC BW.

NOVEMBER 15, 2012: Fascinating things: Old Photos of houses in Cleveland, Ohio, the 2010 HBO documentary Crack House USA. Last night I was thinking about how good of a bass player David WM. Sims is. I found his email address and wrote to him asking if I could do a series of short interviews of the Stranger regarding his everyday activities. This morning, I received his reply: "Hello Derek, Thank you for thinking of me for your project. Over several decades dealing with magazines and periodicals, I have a list of those that are so lame that I can't bring myself to have anything to do with them. Because my standards are pretty low, that list only has one item: the Stranger. Again, thanks for getting in touch. Best regards, David." OH MAN! OUCH! I'm currently listening to Two Nuns and a Pack Mule to reconcile this very terrible situation. UPDATE: The excellent of Shana Cleveland.

NOVEMBER 14, 2012: Here's a giant painting page update. Hundreds of new paintings for sale. After sorting through my records recently, I realized that a few of my treasures have vanished. Who knows exactly what could have happened to them, and it's unfortunate that they're gone. Luckily for us, I have a birthday coming up, and what nice gifts records make! Here's what I need to replace: the Cure's Faith, Belle & Sebastian's Dear Catastrophe Waitress, Saccharine Trust's Paganicons, Voivod's Dimension Hatross, & the Cramps Human Fly 7". Here's my address! Thanks a lot! Stranger things that have happened: Morrissey and Me, Rev Run / Travis Barker Birthday Quiz, Dwell Taylor's Totem Power! Hello?: 11/15 & 11/16 at the Rendezvous, La Sera, Tacocat, & Chastity Belt Tonight at Vera, Minutemen Paranoid Time, Cass McCombs: "Don't Vote", Obama T-Shits in the Central District, Tonight! Action Jackson!, Tim Cook on the Legendary Pink Dots, Samhain Mega-Post, Extraordinary Ventriloquism, Classic Rock Garbage Thunderdome #3.

OCTOBER 16, 2012: Have a look at this website bonus Octo-roundup, if you wish. Stranger things that have happened: Happy Birthday, Steve Gaines! (+ Sally Struthers News), Collective Soul Cat, High Performance & the 23rd St. Mafia, Shannon Kringen Dispenses Relationship Advice Tomorrow Evening on Hollow Earth Radio, In Defense of Huey Lewis, Et Al, Breaking News: Sub Pop Records For Sale?!, The Evaporators at the Funhouse, Happy Birthday Dean Ween!, Mike Love Fires the Beach Boys + Haiku, Seattle's Top 10 Rock Clubs According to the Seattle Weekly, Karaoke With John Brannon From Negative Approach, The Day That I Met William Bennett, Classic Rock Garbage Thunderdome, Happy Birthday, Compact Disc!, Seattle Band Map at Nordstrom, Waiting For Macklemore, Non-Oblig Monday Chicago House Music Post, Neighborhood Standoff: Central District, Momus "What Will Death Be Like" WSU Award Version, Hospitality W/ Teen & Detective Agency Tonight At Barboza, HOLY SHIT: The New Metz Record, Classic Rock Garbage Thunderdome #2, 1.5 Million Balloon Launch: Cleveland, Ohio 1986, INTERNET FIGHT: Seapony VS. Orca Team, Seattle Megafest #4 is One Week Away, Smashing Pumpkins: Live in a Conference Room, HAUNT REVIEW: Stalker Farms Haunted House, HAUNT REVIEW: Kitsap Haunted Fairgrounds, HAUNT REVIEW: Scrap Yard Massacre. MUSIC RELEASE ALERT: Derek Erdman Coyote cassette on Sanzimat Records. Very limited edition!

SEPTEMBER 24, 2012: NEW WEBSITE ALERT: Derek Erdman's International House of Paintings. Just in time to advertise our first movie night TONIGHT Monday, September 24th at 8:30pm - THE LAST DRAGON! Somehow, Larry Mizell (one of Seattle's best dudes) has never seen the martial arts / R&B classic from 1985, so we're projecting it on the big screen. There will be beer and unlimited popcorn, stop on by! Here's a PIY hi-res Ron Jaworski drawing for you to print out at work and tape to the conference room walls. Alternately, you can print out a bunch of copies for children to color in. In all honesty, I drew that picture for David Goldstein.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2012: NOTE: Derek Erdman "often lies to the elderly and prays on the rich." For more, click here. Also, check out this review of #1 INSIDE JOB, LET'S ROLL, the comment section has devolved into a bunch of blockheads talking to themselves. In addition, Stranger things have happened: El Diablo in Disguise, Rapper Dies in Car Crash Minutes After Tweeting "YOLO", "Aron Lyrd is a song stealing piece of shit!", TONIGHT: Hazel at the Tractor, Central District Watch, UPDATE: Daughn Gibson & Lori Goldston at Hollow Earth Radio Tomorrow, FUCK HIPSTER FUCK HIPSTER, Mac Miller, I Want to Have Your Babies, Speed Dating, Corn Dogs, Mudhoney, Algorithms, Free Samples! Garnier Fructis!, Tacocat: Lisa Bonet Ate No Basil, What You're Not Eating: Roasted Corn Edition!!, Sera Cahoone: Music For Lovers, On the Bus to Bumbershoot, Excellent Metal Kid Spotted on 11th & Pine, Hey Burning Truck, What's on Your iPod?, Happy Birthday, Downtown Julie Brown. UPDATE: Who is Sacha Baumann? Who isn't Sacha Baumann?

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012: I'd love to thank errybody that came out to the first art show at Derek Erdman's International House of Paintings last night. "I never thought I could love a 9/11-related art show until last night. Derek Erdman's International House of Paintings is my new favorite gallery." - Sarah Galvin, 2012. Here's some more good things that were said: "Basically, for $50 you can get Derek Erdman to do anything you want." - Seattle Storefronts, 2012. Alternatiely, Beny Franklin from THE BEST WEBSITE EVER sent a drawing of me. Thanks, lunatic!

AUGUST 27, 2012: Edward Anderson / Sanzimat present: Derek Erdman's Coyote (Archives Vol. 1). I have heard this cassette, and it's wonderful. It's a compilation of music that I made from 1995-2002 (or so). Limited to 100 copies! Here's a batch of writings from the Stranger: Hey Heatwave, What's on Your iPod?, Daym Drops / Songify This "OH MY DAYUM", Adventures From the Front Desk #2, Extra Rare: Larry Dixon's I'am So In Love, Official List of Dogs in Order of Importance #2, Beastie Boys at the Fred Meyer, Unearthed: Impossibly Rare Nirvana Videos.


September 11, 2012 will mark the grand opening of DEREK ERDMAN'S INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF PAINTINGS at 666 S. Jackson in Seattle's International District. We're celebrating the opening with a 9/11 themed group art show. Almost everybody is invited to contribute to the show, simply send an email with a brief description of your piece and then send the piece by 09/09/12. This will be "Seattle's Best" art show, "just do it!"

AUGUST 20, 2012: Top five this week: Sandy Guttman's Edie & Andy, One Last Wish LP, FRESCHETTA® Brick Oven™ Pizza (w/ DIY toppings), Fernando Nation: the Fernando Valenzuela Story, Margot Bird, the high dive at Mad Ave Beach (w/ Jordan Morris). Here's a quick bunch of files with captions! GREAT QUOTES SECTION: "There are people out there who have ill will towards you." - Edward Anderson. "Do you still update your website? Last time I went there for weird phone calls and saw none and never returned." - Yetta Weissen. Seattle Zine Klub proudly presents AGGRESSIVE EXCELLENCE. Stranger things have happened: "Gerard Cosloy Disses the Kingdome", "Happy Birthday, Victoria Jackson!", "Very Great: An Interview With Deep Time", "T-shirt Slogans for the Children of Hardcore Parents", "Adventures From the Front Desk #1", "1984: the Year Goth Broke (A Night at the Xclusiv Nightclub)", "Sublime at the Petco", "Happy Birthday, Elvis Presley!", "KMCQ: What Happened?"

JULY 30, 2012: If you have a heap of money, you can buy an actual Magikist sign. Can you believe that? How much could it possibly be? GREAT NEWS EVEN: The fine people at Seattle Storefronts have wedged me into a space in the International District. From September 15th until the end of the year, I'll have a gallery / store at 666 Jackson St. More details to follow, but there will be art shows, candy, haircuts, a notary public, paintings, portraits, parties, raps, fun, music, a sign shop, driving tours, prank calls, live advice, clumsy + erroneous psychic readings...oh, you get the picture. Does anybody want a batch of patches? I found them at a thrift store and couldn't pass them up, but I don't need them. Send an email with your address and I'll send them to you on the house in the mail. Look, it's Kelly O & DK Pan in the giant thing I built for CHBP. Laurie Kearney deserves a golden kingdom for the great work that she does for the Seattle art scene. Stranger things: "If He Had Lived #3", "Seattle Craigslist Grunge Watch", "What's the Best Misfits* Song EVER?", "Holiday Hardcore: The F.U.'s My America", "Separated At Birth: Cher & Cher", "Frogs Drummer Dennis Flemion Missing, Presumed Dead", "Lil' Kim / Skylab", "Travis Barker's Tattoos Revealed", "The Fall: London Astoria, May 13th 1987", "Rad Chatz With Doomriders' Nate Newton", "Tacocat in Cleveland, Ohio", "Drawings of Duran Duran", "On Waiting For the Bathroom", "On Waiting For Food", "Kurt Cobain at the Safeway", "Thank Heavens for Family Fodder", "Jan Terri Live at Black Lodge, 2012", "The Original iMac", "Win Tickets For Tomorrow's La Sera Show @ Barboza!", "Anonymous is Now Tonality*Star", "Fall Video of the Day: "The Classical" (Pavement Cover)." GREAT BONUS: "Rules Are Rules" / "Aggressive Excellence" / "10 Bears" / "OWL 19" / "OWL 20" / "NO TEENS" / "Pig Corn"

Be sure to check out these "kool events": Derek Erdman + Travis Ritter @ Linda's Snack Hut 07/31/2012 / MANWOLFS ART SHOW with a bunch of brilliant people! At 35th North: 08/09/2012

DEREK ERDMAN & MIKE FORCE: Built Tough #1 American Pride Good Old Boys Patriot Freedom
@ Ghost Gallery - opening July 12th 2012 (up until early August!)

JUNE 30, 2012: Painting sales page hasn't been updated, but here is a bunch of images piled on top of each other on a digital web page. Stranger things: "Who Was at the Music Festival?", "Sounds of Yesterday and Today: PUD", "If He Had Lived", "Barbarians at the Bus Stop", "Summer Jam: Mr. Greenweedz / Beat The Devil", "Happy Birthday, Mark Mothersbaugh!", "Laffs Unlimited: DJ DOUGGPOUND + Brent Weinbach at the Comedy Underground TONIGHT", "Seattle Craigslist Grunge Watch", "Skinheads at the YMCA", "The Lines of Sasquatch", "Fashion Tunnel #1", "Fashion Tunnel #5", "EXCLUSIVE: HEAR GRANT BRISSEY SNORE", "Craft Spells Totally Rule", "As Heard in the Media Tent", "Spotted: Cat Flag Tattoo", "Larry Mizell Jr.'s Socks", "Fashion Tunnel #4", "Quick Extreme Music Jamz Recap", "Fashion Tunnel #7", "Seattle Craigslist Grunge Watch", "TacocaT Van Benefit Thursday Night @ Chop Suey", "What's the First Record That You Shoplifted?", "Seattle Craigslist Grunge Watch", "...falling asleep halfway through side one of Meddle.", "Happy Non-Birthday Prince (Or Symbol, Whatever)!", "Madonna's Titz", "Seattle Craigslist Grunge Watch", "Sub Pop Employee Tussles With Hate Speech", "Pearl Jam at the Safeway", "Seattle Craigslist Grunge Watch", "Happy Birthday, Saxophone!", "Anonymous: Down at the Roller Rink."

JUNE 05 , 2012: It's no joke! Here's the MAY 2012 update!

JUNE 04, 2012: HEYUP! It's June 4th and 50 degrees in Seattle. This weather is so grunge! Does this comic even make any sense?!? Oh, here's a delightful link to C.M. Ruiz's magnificent tumblr + the outstanding gift poster. Here's a bunch of stuff from APRIL 2012. Click + look at those things!

MAY 16, 2012: Here's MARCH 2012. Whoa, Amanda Manitach!

MAY 14, 2012: Geez, how time flies! Here is February 2012! Also, Stranger things: "The Devil Eats at Dick’s: Homeless Painter Darryl Ary Gets a Solo Show at Solo", "Sounds of Yesterday and Today: Dickless", "'Wonderwall' Is the Moneymaker: Four Buskers and a Security Guard", "Sounds of Yesterday: Silly Killers", "Seattle's Punk Fashion of Yore", "TacocaT Tour Van Breaks Down In Durango, CO", "9th Grade Poetry: Steve Miller Band", "Quick Chat: Kelly Hogan @ the Triple Door This Monday", "Hannah's Field 'GMO Can Never Set Us Free'", "Somebody Explain the Grateful Dead, Please", "Free German Import U2 12" From 1981", "Hey, Happy Birthday Eddie Hazel!", "OLD FUTURE OLD FUTURE OLD FUTURE OLD FUTURE OLD FUTURE", "Babysitting W/ The Nuge", "I Hearby Declare Today ELECTRIC EELS DAY", "SEATTLE PUNKER RIOT: Circle Jerks @ Gorilla Gardens, Mid 1980s"

MARCH 22, 2012: Here's a batch of later paintings. Who did kill Helen Brach? (It was Richard Bailey, duh.) Check out my new automation corporation!

MARCH 21, 2012: Emily Nokes + I went to Belize in the middle of January, 2012. Austin + Lelah watched our house while we were away. One evening a man claiming to be our neighbor came to our front door explaining that he'd locked himself out of his house and needed to borrow $7 to pay for a locksmith. Austin lent him the money, the man has yet to return to re-pay the loan. LOOK AT BELIZE PICTURES HERE!

MARCH 20, 2012: It's about GD time: re-cap webpage for JANUARY 2012.

MARCH 19, 2012: REJOICE, here's the much awaited re-cap from DECEMBER 2011.

MARCH 18, 2012: FINALLY, here's the much awaited re-cap from NOVEMBER 2011. Also notable: Keith Hernandez coat racks in the news (Mets Police, the Classical). Stranger things that have happened: Seattle (& Pacific Northwest) Sounds Of Yesterday + Today: N.M.E., Visible Targets. "Stop When It's Time To Stop: an Art Show by Jesse Lortz", "Fuck It, It's Monday: Let's Just Listen to the Frogs All Day", "Who are the Musicians in Your Family?", "Fall Video of the Day: Mark E. Smith Declares Grunge is From Cleveland, Ohio."

MARCH 05, 2012: Here's a thing: "Snoop Dogg is my favorite." Jan Terri is playing in drizzleville + I'll be in Chicago for a delightful wedding, so the trade is fair! Otherwise, taffy & bears (yawn). UPDATE: "this kid is biting your steez hard." - Mike Force 2012 (The thing is, I had that kid over to my house + he was rather polite!) STRANGER THINGS: "Die Kreuzen Reunion Show: May 26th" , "Olivia Newton John's "Physical" Actually About Sign Language", "Melvin Van Peebles Ain't Supposed to Die a Natural Death", "Fall Video of the Day: "Elves" (Live 1984)", "Exclusive Track + Interview With Anonymous (To My Long Lost Love)"

FEBRUARY 10 , 2012: Sorry for the delay, we were in BELIZE (full update later). Since then, COAT RACKS: 1 2 3. Oh man, have you ever been to a Claim Jumper restaurant? They're really something else! Bob Marley had a birthday, here's a photo of a Jean Peters painting. This week's Stranger Valentines issue! Other Stranger things: "Happy Birthday Garth Brooks / Chris Gaines", "Lynnwood Teen Willing To Trade iTunes Card For Car ", "Exclusive Interview: Eric Oblivian", "TacocaT Nominated For High Times Doobie Award", "Sparks: Number One in Prison". Thanks for reading! Text me at 773.595.9708!

JANUARY 08, 2012: There are a lot of people really mad about this exclusive interview with a person who lives in Amanda Knox's apartment building. SEE ALSO: "Fingers Are Not Food" / "Come Out Of Hair For Mustard" / THUMBS UP: LARGE, SMALL. While you're at it, you can unlearn to draw Khloe Kardashian. THIS PERSON'S other ride is my daughter!

JANUARY 03, 2012: Yeah! Happy New Year! 2012! Drive your car into a bank! Here's the best batch of emails that I received last week, I've titled it "AN ALMOST MUST READ." It's the tale of a guy who likes and hates people and information. Here are some new paintings: Rysdyke's Warhola, Some Mitt, Sandy's Heidegger. Also drawings: Jean Peters, Olivia de Havilland. California Is Boring! Here are some sisters. UPDATE: New paintings on Etsy, buy them so I can repost them.

12.14.11 Georgie's article made it onto Slate! Way to go, Georgie! Here are some DIY DJE business cards. Thanks to everybody for all of the wonderful birthday gifts, especially D&B Nokes + Cynthia Foulkes. As usual, Stranger things have happened: "No, From Your Bartender", "The Best of Mis-sung Lyrics, Pet Edition", "Tracing the Origins of a Copy of Metal Box", "Music Journalist Collects $7,975 For Nirvana Test Pressings", "Slam Poet Andrea Gibson: Friday at 8pm", "Reggae: is it Vile?", "ORIGINAL ROLLING STONES ALBUM ARTWORK FOR LET IT BLEED ON SALE AT BONHAMS", "Tell Me About Good Music Biographies", "Today is Paul Shaffer's Birthday", "The Delightful Paintings of Joan Hiller".

Lady Actors & Old Computers: 12/15/2011 SOLO BAR & GRILLE

This show is up until 1/24/2012, go and visit it.

Statement: My work explores the relationship between Pre-raphaelite tenet and romance tourism. With influences as diverse as Lynn Curtis Swann and Eddie Antar, new synergies are manufactured from both orderly and random discourse. Ever since I was a pre-teen I have been fascinated by the traditional understanding of meaning. What starts out as a memory soon becomes corroded into a theory of temptation, leaving only a sense of undefined and the dawn of a new undefined (or past undefined). As subtle derivatives become transformed through studious and academic practice, the viewer is left with a glimpse of the undefined of our condition. Oh also, these paintings are just going to be of lady actors & old computers.

Looking for the old stuff? Here's the archive, you big lummock.

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