11.06.03 The Messer Children Audio Document

11.05.03 A really scratched up Joan Armantrading 45.

8.14.03 Audio response to "Exploited vs. Pocky" comic criticism.

6.19.03 "Onion Sandwich #1" & "Onion Sandwich #2".

6.12.03 Voicemails from Dom K. Message #1 Message #2 Message #3.

5.11.03 "Party Sounds" by people at a party

3.18.03 "Oh Baby" by Schwamm Gabka

3.15.03: "Hard To Explain" In a thick foreign accent.

2.18.03: "There Goes My Ride" By The Future Cobras

1.22.02: "Off To Have Sex" By The Future Cobras

1.14.02: "The Ballad Of You" By The Future Cobras

1.10.03 "Turtles Have Short Legs" by Can and the Driver's Ed Section of Parapper The Rapper

1.04.02: "You Might Be Troubled" By The Future Cobras

12.18.02: "That's Portrayal" By The Future Cobras

12.17.02: "I'm Thinking About Getting Married"

12.12.02: "Birthday Wish From Lorna Kozlowski-Lithgow The Scotch"

12.09.02: "Derek Erdman's Birthdate Art Clearance Party Commercial" as heard on WNUR.

11.24.02: "Meowser" By Keatsie Kitty

From 11.19.02: "1,000 Different Ways" By Cruel, Cruel Moon

From 11.16.02: "Can I Get More" By The Beauty Pageant

From 11.13.02: "You Will Never Know" By Double Decker Bus

From 11.03.02: "A Death Threat" by The Future Cobras & "Lanny Oswalt Chainsaw Massacre" by Fashion Bug Plus