So, you went and waited until the last minute to buy a gift for a special somebody and now there's no way that it will arrive on time. Well, la di da. WAIT, NO LA DI DA! YOU ARE SAVED! THE GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE HERE!

Perhaps you have a friend that likes paintings but you're not exactly sure what painting they might want. Don't buy them a painting of a boat, they might want a painting of a duck! NO NEED TO FRET! THE GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE HERE!

Perhaps you know of a fan of Rap Master Maurice with a lot of complaints to get off of their chest but they don't have the cash to relieve their anger. You can't have that person become Lisa Nowack. BUY THEM SOME RAPS! THE GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE HERE!

Kathy McGinty CDs? YOU BET. Audio transcription? ABSOLUTELY. Illustrations? NO DOUBT. Digi-Compu portraits? FER SHER. THE GIFT CERTIFI...Oh, you get the idea.

Select an amount from the drop-down menu below, you get to pick the amount from a list of many amounts! If you do not see the amount that you like, pay the higher amount and I will send you change. I know this is wonky, BUT PAYPAL IS WONKY. Then click BUY NOW and you will be taken to PayPal to fill out some information including which style of gift certificate you'd like (choose from the three on the left). When you are done a filled out PDF of that gift certificate will be emailed to you IN NO TIME. You can print that out for hand delivery or email it anywhere in the universe!


Another GREAT thing about these gift certificates is that they NEVER EXPIRE. In fact, they accrue interest! For every calendar year that you hold onto this gift certificate, you get .05% more tacked right on to the principal. It's like a bond, I'm like a bank. I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Some good things to keep in mind: raps are either $12 or $19. Paintings are $50 at average with shipping included. If you have a question, you can always JUST ASK. Thanks, it's just a pleasure doing business with you!