Some people have experienced trouble opening some of these mini-movies. My advice to you is to get a new computer that costs over $2000 and try them again.

Good luck!


I own a Canon Powershot s400. I like to make movies with it.

"Box Crashing At Work"

I'd feel bad that I wasted this amount of time at work, but I was technically on my break. I'm just lucky I didn't 'break' my arm! Oh, I'm funny!

"Magic Card Trick"

Dustin Drase hired a magician for my birthday. Dustin Drase is awesome. On the other hand, magic is an illusion.

"The Magician's Dancing Girlfriend"

This is really just the magician's girlfriend, dancing.

"Why My Cat Hates Me"

Kittie Keatsie loves and hates me. Here is a reason for the latter.

"Yeah You Do!"

Here's the plan: 1. Go to a college football game. 2. Sit behind cranky & funny child. 3. Egg him on. 4. You win!

"Bat Swinging"

Pretty much just swinging the bat. Over and over again, totally ON THE EDGE!

"King Leonard"

Leonard may be totally out of his mind, and he may call me "the savior", and he may have a crazy laugh, and he may call people by numbers instead of names, and he may love "Dragnet" by The Fall, and he may sometime smell weird, but I think he's absolutely fucking awesome.