Bobby is the driving force behind the rock group The Love Of Everything as well as the record label called Record Label. He's exceptionally prolific in all things music and art as well as self-promotion, so don't be down on him, man be crazy on him. Like Ann Wilson from '75, all slender and witchy. I knew him from the old days, back when I lived in Kent. Then he moved to Chicago and then he moved to New York City. So that's where he lives now. In NYC. Where the Strokes are.


You are Bobby B., correct?


How is your last name spelled?

B-u-r-g not B-e-r-g

Where do your people come from?

ohio for like 2 generations.

Do you have a middle name?


Oh, that's nice! So, how are 'things'?

'things' are pretty great right now.

What was to eat today?


What did you do today? An hour by hour breakdown if possible.

7am- went to work, sold coffee, bagels.
10am- same
11am- same
1pm- same, got off at 1:30 went to 'reel life' video store, checked out a
johnny cash documentary, Wash with snoop dogg and dre, and gosford park.
2pm- got home and set up microphones and started recording a song with Kyle
Fischer, there were some flutter problems with the drum/bass track exported
from his computer.
3pm- same and started recording guitar track on the song
4pm- recorded another guitar, singing, and tamborine, burnt a rough mix to cd
of the song. cleaned up the house.
5pm- went to The Fall cafe, ate an americano.
6pm- took a nap for about 25 minutes.
7pm- finished stamping & assembled 250 copies of the love of everythign cd
9pm-same & put cd's in a box with a divider in the middle.
10pm- watched some of the johnny cash video- it was horrible. they kept on
showing the same 3 interviews with billy bob thorton.
11pm- dialed up internet, started e-mailing. a guy in pittsburgh, a guy in
geneseo, NY- the chin up chin up cd charted at 29 on his radio station. fwd
to bolen. try get the addresses of two colege student papers from towns that
i will be playing in next month.

12midnight- started doing interview.

1am-looked through computer for photo, saved as a JPEG, sent mail.

Do you watch television?

yeah, i just said so.

If so, what do you like to watch?

johnny cash videos. look, are you going to keep on asking questions i already

Have you ever seen Square Pegs? That show was really good!

i don't remember ever seeing the actual show but i've seen footage of sarah
jessica parker on it.

What's your favorite food?


Do you like meat? If so, what's your favorite?

i guess ilike meat, i don't really eat it though. i will eat the hell out of
a marshmallo though.

Where do you live now?

87 butler st. 4f brooklyn, ny a nieghborhood called 'boerum hill"

Oh, do you have a car? If so, what type?

94 dodge caravan, green

Do you ever take baths?


How long do you sleep at night on the average?

6-9 hrs.

What's the temperature outside?

cold, it's 10 F

Your band The Love Of Everything is quite incredible - what's next for y'all?

thanks, i will tour the east coast in march w/joan of arc, then tour in april
with kevin(the drummer/toy keyboard player)

What record release are you most proud of?

i don't know, i am pretty proud of how the new 'friENDS' ep turned out but i
really didn't have to overcome insurmountable odds to get at it.

If you found a cave that went to an undergound world with waterfalls and stuff and you could only take 10 different kinds of food with you, what would you take? This can include different types of natural foods as well as name brand foods.

1-the soy bean
5-pad thai
6-root beer

How often do you vomit?

maybe once every two years.

Are you concerned about your weight?

yeah i am kind of concerned. about MAN-SPREAD.

Do you like to read?

it's quite relaxing, i enjoy the process sometimes more than the subject

Are you good at math?

i fancy myself to be ok at math.

With life, are you mainly happy?

mainly yes.

What's the one thing that you want most?

what i can never have.

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rad, thanks derek. that was fun.

Bobby Burg
'record label'
87 butler st. 4f
brooklyn, ny 11231



Here's a picture of Bobby Burg in which he appears to be 'in stir'.