I worked with Alyce for a few months at 2nd Hand Tombs. We had plenty of fun together drinking sodas and listening to Interpol. Alyce has a nice Live Journal, you should have a gander.

Hello Alyce!

Hi Derek!

How are things?

They are really great! I had a bout with amnesia that affected certain areas of
my life, and now that it's over, I feel lots better. My job is starting to suck
the life out of me but hopefully I can fight it.

Do you like kites?

Yes, I had one shaped like a whale when I was a kid.

How do you feel about Belle & Sebastian?

I try to not hold it against them, but they just make me think of small, waify
girls with pale skin and glasses who don't make eye contact. Or girls who want
to sleep with guys in bands. yawn. I really like a few of their songs, though.

How do you feel about Jefferson Airplane?

Well, considering that everyone feels the need to sing their Alice song to me,
I feel kind of bored by them. It's not their fault or anything, but I kind of
have a grudge. And didn't they change their name from Airplane to Starship?
That is hilarious.

Can you drive stick?

No I cannot

Are you good at tennis?

No. I went to a frou-frou private school for a year in highschool where I was
supposed to learn, but I was too apathetic.

Are you good at Pac-Man?

I am not a champion, but I can run around and eat things for a respectable
amount of time.

What's your favorite month?


When's your birthday?

February 25, 1980

What do you like on pizza?

sauce, cheese, spinach, basil, brocolli, mushrooms, garlic, rosemary, potatoes,
pineapple, tomatoes, eggplant (a little).

Do you like steak?

Not anymore, but I like salmon steaks. And tuna steaks.

What's the capitol of Iowa?

Des Moines

Do you like muscular men?

Ick no way.

Do you like the zoo?

Not really, it's usually hot and smelly and caged animals are depressing. If
it's a nice zoo with big areas to roam, then that's okay.

Do you like cotton candy?

A few bites.

If you were driving in a rural area, and you could see for miles and you
came across a red light and you waited for 2 minutes and it didn't change,
would you run it?

I would run it after 3 minutes.

Are you good at sports?

No because I am uncoordinated and out of shape. Just playing for fun is a good
time, though.

Would you rather sleep with Bryan Ferry or Brian Eno?

Pshaw, ENO! Even though he drinks his pee. He does. Read his book.

Do you speak any foreign languages?

Some Spanish

What's your favorite book?

the society of the spectacle, and letters from a nut.

Do you lke to swim?

Very much, but I never do it

Do you like candy corn?

About one piece

What do you think happens when you die?

It's not something I think about. Even if I knew what happened or had a strong
opinion, it wouldn't change anything. But overall, I don't think a bad thing
happens. I don't think you can feel things eating you.

Do you know who was the last president to get shot?

Well, Reagan got shot at, right? I don't know if it made contact. So maybe it
was Kennedy.

Can you play the piano?

Yep, I can play anything.

Do you like to fish?


What's your favorite kind of soup?

Pumpkin/black bean. Or potato.

Do you like grapes?

Very much so.

What's your favorite holiday?

Holidays aren't really fun anymore...I guess I like Memorial Day, because it's
in a good time of year to get a day off.

Do you have siblings?


What's your favorite season?

Early fall

Do you have a lot of shoes?

I have two pairs of mary jane-esque shoes, one pair of white heels, one pair of
slides, and three pairs of sneakers.

I'm sorry, that's it. I kinda drank cough syrup tonight.

Are you robo-tripping? Ew.