Saturday, August 14th 2010 6pm - 11pm | Fortune Hot Dogs & Gummi Bears | Rap Master Maurice | Erdman Videos (Erdflix)
Music By Odd Obsession DJs | Mountains Of Paintings & Drawings At LOW LOW Prices | Special Guest Artist: James Havran
(He's my cousin!) | Produced By National Headquarters | Wine & Beer From Printer's Row Wine Shop
@ The High Concept Laboratories - Chicago, IL | RSVP For Address (<- press release)

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This is your last chance to buy these paintings in Chicago. Sorry, no pre-sales. Bring cash & checks, try haggling! Just look:

Brown Bears Of Other Colors (30"x30 / 40"x40") - $120

RIP Manute (30"x30") - $100

Stripe Loss (30"x24") - NFS (Manders Rybin Collection)

I Like Them Apples (30"x24") - $80

Show Posters (18"x24") - $10

First Place (24"x24") - $60 | Tank Tops (24"x30") - $60

Have A Seat On The LeBron James Bench (60"x14"x12") - NFS

AWL / Owl (48"x 48") - $120

Free limited edition buttons from Busy Beaver!

North Carolina (12"x8") - $40 (Free To Brittany Whitford)

No Parking Forever (18"x24") - $30

Drawings Of My Mother for $2 each. My mother will be there! Tell her hello, she's nice.

Various Paintings (Various) - $Various

The Girl Who Loved Dresses (30"x40") - $120

Leftover Cats (14"x18") / $20 Each

Enemies Are So Stimulating (28"x40") - $80

God Bless Tretorns And All Who Wear Them (24"x32") - $90

God Bless Saddles Shoes And All Who Wear Them (24"x32") - $90

Who Are The Mystery Girls? (24"x30") - $80 Set

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