I got a message from Elma regarding my website in early November and was pleased to find out that she has worked closely with the world's most famous robotic police officer - Robocop. Elma didn't send a picture, but she did include this cryptic Robocop sound sample. I like how she refers to me as the 'derekerdman website' at the end. This isn't the first time she has done this, either. Regardless, thanks a smattering for the totally bitchin' interview.

How are things?
things are okay. its cold. its winter. there was one rather large snowfall. i just had my birthday.

Are you the same Elma Bello that was the dialogue editor for Robocop: Prime Directives?
yes that's me! i work as a sound editor on a variety of tv drama, documentaries and films.

How was all of that, you know, Robocop stuff?
much fun. i was asked to help out some really amazing sound people on that show, and hey the guy is kind of like an action super hero, and what could be more fun than action super heroes?

Canadians love to gamble, correct?
well...its true canada has its share of casinos. but as a generalization of all canadians, i'm not too sure...although put me in front of a slot machine with a jumbo bag of quarters and a couple of shots of whiskey and you're asking for trouble.

It seems that everywhere I went in Ontario has these small 'pull-tab' kiosks to play some sort of gambling game. It made quite a mess, really. Do you have any idea of what I'm talking about?
nope. if you're talking about the little pull-tab pieces of paper with numbers on it that you take when you're asked to "take a number and wait in line", lets say at some sort of gourmet cheese store, or deli or something...well that's more familiar. but gambling tab things......oh wait a minute! i think you're talking about these lottery ticket thingys...they're about a dollar per ticket. yes those make quite a mess....i see those around but have never purchased one myself.

Give the American equivalent to the following Canadian items/phrases:

a. back bacon: bacon (or ham?)

b. chesterfield: sofa or couch

c. Girl Guides: girl scouts. we also have "Brownies" -- little girls with brown uniforms instead of blue -- no matter where you go though, those cookies are so good.

d. loony: dollar. or a crazy person.

e. open the lights: turn on the lights.

f. zed: z (or should it be "zee")

Do you hate the American president?
that's a hefty question, but no i don't.
in person the dude seems like he would be quite personable, friendly, maybe even fun.
i'm not particularly agreeing with his views on things and his solutions to current world issues, but hey the guy is actually speaking for a whole group of government people, so his decisions are really the decisions of the collective group of government people...its just easier to stick one guy out front to take the heat.

check out:

(side note: i do highly recommend michael moore's film "bowling for columbine")

Can you name 30 US states without peeking? You don't have to name them, I'm hust wondering.
yes i do believe i can do it!
well at least 20 or 25 at the absolute minimum....north and south carolina count as two, right?

Where do you live?
currently i live in the south east corner of riverdale, in toronto, ontario.
riverdale is a nice little area of town with parks. people walk their dogs in those parks....hmm....when you think about it, lots of people have dogs around here....

What is your favorite food?
ahh.....luckily this question had come up in conversation just days ago, so i have put thought into this already....currently i like japanese and thai....and some korean food too....

Do you watch the television?
are you talking about television, or "the television"?? is there some sort of giant television monument in canada that i don't know about??, i'm out of the loop aren't i....a mega giant television called "the television"....well if this is so, than no i have not seen it.
if you're refering to the general boob tube....then sure i try to avoid it but its inevitable.....

If so, what programmes do you enjoy to watch?
there is the standard "simpsons" of course ....and "king of the hill", its quite funny.
i tend to watch a little here and there of different things. kids shows rock! any kind of educational science programme is usually good.....also a friend showed me a whack of episodes of "curb your enthusiam" which is hilarious.
"banzai" is a japanese/british game show that rocks! and also "the iron chef" which is possibly the best cooking show/game show combo that has been created....

Did you notice that I spelled programs with an 'mes'? That's pretty polite of me!
yes, that was quite thoughtful. in fact there are lots of spelling differences from canadian english to american english...such as color/colour, favorite/favourite...the extra "u" adds a bit of the exotic....

What are your immediate plans for things?
i don't know if i can answer that since i need clarification on "immediate" and "things"......will i lose points here if i don't answer?....(geez the pressure of these surveys are killing me!)

Do you like to sleep?
well let's take a look at sleep here....sleep can be pleasant, sure why not....a nice comfy bed and blankets with pillows....yes very nice....add a lovely room air freshener and nothing could be better....but....sleeping sucks away precious time from your life that you will never ever ever be able to get back....

Do you sleep a lot?
i don't think that i do, but there is the occasional weekend when the extra "zzzzzz" are just worth it.

Hey, it just dawned on me - I have no idea what your gender is. Are you male or female?

Give the American equivalent to the following English items/phrases:

a. jumper: sweater

b. crisps: chips (potato chips that is)

c. chips: french fries (more potato, different potato)

d. lorry: i believe this is a its a truck.....or a boat / truck? some kind of vehicle ...or a wagon....

e. the dole: welfare ( is this correct in the u.s? we have welfare here...also lots of the kids like to collect UI which is unemployment insurance when they finish school and can no longer deal with the evils of a minimum wage retail job....)

f. poofter: a homosexual....interesting since the word "fag" in the U.K. means cigarette.

g. jambo: in spanish and/or french "jambon" is ham/ would this be some sort of ham snack? ham on a stick? hotdog?

If you'd like to add any comments, feel free to here:
thank you for letting me participate in this survey! i hope this information proves useful in the testing and completion of your product.
i apologize for the excessive use of the word "suck"....its a short, easy to use word that seems to help get to the point of things....

hey my friend jason dunda lives in chicago and he's an amazing artist. check out his art and if you see him around say hello. he's outgoing and provides pleasant conversation.

thanks again derekerdman website.

elma bello
toronto ontario canada