Dom is the driving force between the cold hard rock music outfit called Sloth. We met ages ago in Kent and have kept in touch through a mutual admiration of each other. Dom is a fan of Morrissey and canned beer. Please read this interview.


You are Dom K., correct?


How is your last name spelled?


Where do your people come from?

75% come from poland. 25% come from austria(not australia).

Do you have a middle name?


Oh, that's nice! So, how are 'things'?

Right now, pretty good. I'm drinking "steel reserve" lager.

What was to eat today?

Too much spicy Italian sausage that denise(my wife) cooked for over 12 hours
in a "crock pot" with prego pepperoni flavored spaghetti sauce. I felt
sick.('cause i was drunk and ate too much. My belly said that i was full,
but my taste-buds said: "eat more!". "Immodium ad" really pulled my ass out
of the fat, on that one.

What did you do today? An hour by hour breakdown if possible.

i woke up. I packed my wife a lunch. I then cleaned the snow off of her
car. Then i drove to the marathon gas station in town. I bought 3 cans of
steel reserve (24 oz) and 1 pack of immodiam ad. When i got home, i
filled up my car's windshield-washer fluid container. When i was doing
this, i saw a girl shoveling the snow away from all the neighbors front
doors. She was "chubby". I sat "pant-less" by my front door for about an
hour masturbating. We have a curtain in our front door window. I wanted to
ejaculate to her, shoveling the snow in front of our door. I didn't want to
get caught. After an hour, she never came to our door. (can animals sense
evil?)((what is evil?)). I went upstairs and relieved myself to a "vintage
porn" vhs video tape. Then i drank steel reserve while playing "joust" on
"genesis". I almost tied my all-time high score. I was happy. Then i kept
on drinking, went on e-bay(i can't wait to see what i bid on). Then, i went
to my hotmail and scared some people(unintentionally). During this time, i
was listening to queensryche's "rage for order" lp. Then, i ate over a
pound of the spicy italian sausage that i mentioned earlier while watching
an old "simpsons" episode on vhs.. Then, i passed out. I woke up later to
force down some water and the immodiam ad. Then, i sat on the toilet and
played a "hand-held"" tetris" video game that denise bought me when i was
recovering from a spinal tap. I did o.k.(at tetris) No where near my best.
Then i fed the cats and got dressed for work. Work sucked like it always
does. Nothing out of the ordinary. I got out of work and cracked another
s.r on the way home. I drank it with a straw, in order to get to the
alcohol faster. During this time, i listened to grave's "you'll never see
heaven" on my car's cassette player. I stopped at "convenient" for more
s.r. Now i am typing responses to your questions.

Do you watch television?

We have cable connected at the beginning of the n.f.l. season. We have it
disconnected once the rams either win the super-bowl or are eliminated from
contention. We do not have an antenna.

If so, what do you like to watch?

rams football.

Have you ever seen Night Court? That show was really

I remember it was considered "racy" when it was on. My parents would watch
it but send me to bed. Oh, wait... that was "soap".

What's your favorite food?


Do you like meat? If so, what's your favorite?

Yes, i love meat. I love the taste of it, the smell of it and the look of
it. But i don't know if crab legs are considered "meat"? I can't make
heads, nor tails, of all these "vegan" booby-traps.

Where do you live now?

Chardon, ohio(the "C" is silent).

Oh, do you have a car? If so, what type?

Yes. Chevrolet El camino. 1985.

Do you ever take baths?

No. Just showers.

How long do you sleep at night on the average?

4 hours.

What's the temperature outside?

According to the "weather- man" i heard on the radio... 14 degrees. but,
to me, it seems, a lot colder.

Your band Sloth was quite incredible - are you guys still making the rock?

Yes, we still "sling the 'caine".
"East 99 my nigga".

What Sloth release are you most proud of?

2 are tied. "Poverty level gutter swill" and "hail the basement".

If you found a cave that went to an undergound world with waterfalls and
stuff and you could only take 10 different kinds of food with you, what would
you take? This can include different types of natural foods as well as name
brand foods.

I don't know. Would i be allowed to check my "D&D" manuals?

How often do you vomit?

i have not vomited since 8th grade(no joke).

Are you concerned about your weight?

Yes. I exercise. I have a punching-bag in the basement(no... not my wife).

Do you like to read?

No. However, I did read a book called "killer fiction". I also read
"deliverance". The movie sucked, compared to the book.

Are you good at math?

Fukk no.

With life, are you mainly happy?

Fukk no.

What's the one thing that you want most?

To be a "man of leisure".

Please add any additional comments here:

i don't like that on your web-site you do not mention the split 7" w/ sloth
as a split with sloth.

I still think "asshole weekly" is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

There are people in kunt, ohio that dislike you, as well as me.

Sheer terror had more than 1 good song. As did fang and fear.

This is not a haiku.

"Ted Bundy" is the 2nd greatest film that i have ever seen.

Morrisssey, (at akron civic theatre) was the best live performance my wife
and i have ever witnessed(she didn't even like morrissey, at the time) & (
I've been to some sweet strip-clubs). It was her valentine's day gift to
me. She sacrificed her hatred for that "fag", just to make me happy. She
came away with a great appreciation for him. We still kick ourselves for
not buying the pillow-cases. "Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me."

A band from Chicago opened the morrissey show: ("Verbose"). The chick in
the band wore leather pants - she was much too old to be wearing leather
pants. She looked like a sea-hag, says my wife. I don't remember what she
looked like. In fact, I don't remember a girl being in the band. (I was
just there to see Morrissey.) That show made me feel as though I died and
went to heaven, ...until... a homeless negro asked us for money on our way
back to ou\r truck after the show. I thought this was unusual as we had
parked very close to an Akron Police Station, on purpose, to avoid such a

David bowie "ripped-off" the kinks... or maybe it was some kind of "mutual"
rip-off. "Don't forget to dance". Wait... maybe i meant iggy.. In this
topsy-turvy world, who knows who the hell is ripping off who!

Even though i turned my wife on to morrissey, she turned me on to

Attach a .jpg picture of yourself or of something that you like.

i don't have a "scanner".

Here's a picture of Dom that I scanned from the Sloth "Getting Ready For Christmas (It's About Malt Liquor)' 7" box set, which is quite choice.