"Clara Peller"
April 2010

Dimensions: 30"x24"
Catalog #2295
$200 (Shipping included!)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood

I love this painting so much that I don't really even want to sell it. It's kind of an easy painting to make, as you can tell I just went ahead and left her body out. That way she kind of looks like a mask that you could just stick over your own head (if it were an actual object) and march yourself into Wendy's 2010 and ask WHERE'S THE BEEF because after both her and D.T. bought seperate farms, those burgers have gone downhill faster than a chubby teen atop a runner sled on an icey driveway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I should know, I was that teenager. If we were in Rheims, we'd be all like: "Où est la viande?"

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