"Almighty Latin Kings #11"
May 2009

There's something nice looking about gang graffiti, I think. Even though a lot of gangs might be mean and/or up to no good, the influence of hearts and wings really has a spell over me. Also, this painting has the Star Of David! I don't really know much about this gang, but they hang out in my back alley sometimes. This design was painted on a garage near my house. I made it a long time ago when I had an art show at a place where the people weren't particularly friendly. I thought that maybe the gang would see the paintings and bust up the place like in the movies, with chairs getting smashed over people's heads and bottles breaking to and fro. I don't think I would really want for that to happen but I made it anyway because I must be provocative. J/K!

Dimensions: 16"x16"
Catalog #2204
$100 (Shipping included!)
Medium: Acrylic on wood

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