"Some Old Snacks"
May 2009

If you'd like to use a drawing seen here, have an idea for a drawing or would like to commission a drawing, let me know through the contact page. My current wage for illustration ranges from FREE to $1,500. The price depends on what the drawing is going to be used for and how long you're going to use it and also how nice you appear to be. They're usually just $20-$100. Check the testimonials page for references, I'm fast and friendly!

Prints and paintings of these drawings are sometimes available.

My drawings have appeared in The Chicago Reader, The Seattle Stranger, The Utne Reader, The Chicago Tribune, Powerhouse Magazine, The Onion, Roctober Magazine, on book covers for HarperCollins, on the websites Can't Stop The Bleeding, Mad Atoms, WFMU, Boing Boing, some t-shirts, CD covers and other things.

Here's a page of things that I've done and a copy of my resume.