"Charlotte Gainsbourg Is A Cyborg"

Dimensions: 29"x41"
$300 (Shipping included!) / $250 (Picked up!)
Medium: Acrylic & latex on wood.

It has recently been revealed that Charlotte Gainsbourg is actually a robot and is an experiment in artificial intelligence, created by the government. Although physically indistinguishable from an ordinary adult woman, her brain is actually a super-sophisticated microcomputer with several unique capabilities. These include exceptional reflexes, superhuman multitasking ability, and the ability to "hack" other computer systems. The Gainsbourg Cyborg experiment was funded by the military, with the intention of producing a "super-soldier". One of the original scientists has misgivings about the experiment and decides to free Gainsbourg Cyborg, but is killed in the process. Either that or I just copied the Wikipedia page of the 1985 movie D.A.R.Y.L. and changed some of the names.

This painting is part of the show: The Alligator, the Crocodile, Laughs, Lies & Some Great Things of the State of Washington at the Crocodile in Seattle, WA.

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