Massive moving sale with a lot of art paintings, etc: SAT + SUN AUG 19 + 20 2017

Cool Notice: Listen, Seattle is a perfectly fine place to live, if you want to live
there. I wouldn't ever try to talk somebody out of living in a place that they
love, but wait fuck that, this place is radically parochial but people sure will
pay attention if you're doing something (ie: "wow, look,that person is really
doing something") but there's hardly ever any sun and you're in the corner
of the country so nobody visits and heroin lunatics are everywhere. Oh, I'll
miss this place plenty, I'm sure. But I've met at least 450 people here and
only nine of them are my friends.

MY NEW ADDRESS AS OF 9/11/2017: Derek Erdman 3230 W. Belden
Chicago IL 60647 (send mail!)


My first grand artistic triumph, thank you very much. (Out of Sight Seattle 2017)
Seattle WA 2017

Blue Horse w/ Lettuce | Seattle WA 2017

Kusama Forgery (B+) | Seattle WA 2017

My second grand artistic triumph, thank you very much. (L'il Woody's Burger Shack)
Seattle WA 2017

Kingdome #6 | Seattle WA 2017

Klein Painting Sandwich Board | Seattle WA 2017

Pink Wolfin' #7 | Seattle WA 2017

Some New Whites | Seattle WA 2017

Still Relevant | Soul Catcher Studio Santa Fe NM 2017

How Old Are You? | SEATTLE WA 2017

Woven Pink Zeebs (24"x24") | SEATTLE WA 2017

Volkwshale (Pink) | 48"x96" | SEATTLE WA 2017


Party Nuns | 48"x72" | SEATTLE WA 2017

No Miracles | 48"x96" | SEATTLE WA 2017

Aerobics Class, 1986 | SEATTLE WA 2017


Instant Party Treasure | SEATTLE WA 2017

Total Freedom | SEATTLE WA 2017

Burning Church | SEATTLE WA 2017

Food For Sale | SEATTLE WA 2017

Conair Phone Tangle #1 | SEATTLE WA 2017

Conair Phone Tangle #2 | SEATTLE WA 2017

Conair Phone Tangle #3 | SEATTLE WA 2017

Snaggle Up | SEATTLE WA 2017

Frida + Diego (By Cassie XO) | SEATTLE WA 2017

Dresses | SEATTLE WA 2017

El Capitan | SEATTLE WA 2017

Endless Flip Phones | SEATTLE WA 2017

Grounded | SEATTLE WA 2017

Misogyny Yes/No | SEATTLE WA 2017

Your Handwriting | SEATTLE WA 2017

Horse Wrestling | SEATTLE WA 2017

Phone Gal BTS | SEATTLE WA 2017

Happy New Year | SEATTLE WA 2017

Jog Jog Jog | SEATTLE WA 2017

Kellyanne Stares the World Into Flames | SEATTLE WA 2017

Kramer V Kramer V Kramer V Kramer | SEATTLE WA 2017

Michael Jackson Beat It T-Shirt | SEATTLE WA 2017

Have an Egg! | SEATTLE WA 2017

Oh Brother | SEATTLE WA 2017

Pox Blanket | SEATTLE WA 2017

Blue Rotary | SEATTLE WA 2017

Big Orange in the Snow | SEATTLE WA 2017

State of Was | SEATTLE WA 2017

Surf is Up | SEATTLE WA 2017

Tennis Gal | SEATTLE WA 2017

Tennis Gals | SEATTLE WA 2017

Travis + the Twin Cats | SEATTLE WA 2017

Too Blue | SEATTLE WA 2017

Vlad Nab | SEATTLE WA 2017


NEAT LOOK: My last Seattle gallery show as a Seattle resident:
Derek Erdman + Brandon Vosika at Vermillion (1508 11th Ave SEA WA)
Opening Rager: March 9th 2017 7pm (all you can drink alcohol, full price)

FINALLY, I AM DEAD SERIOUS: I am going to sell all of my records and move
away from Seattle. (Update: records mostly sold to Daybreak Records, go there to
buy them! Best record store in the USA, for sure.)

HAVE A LOOK: Well, well, wellington: brand new year. Things on this side are just
fine, mostly reading books and slowly painting boards. I'm happy really, pro-
bably more than ever before. I sincerely hope the same for you, ol' pal.

After a long time of mulling it, I've decided to sell all of my records. Well, I'm
going to keep maybe 10% of them. I've hoarded records for half of my life, after
working in record stores and owning a record store, probably as a reaction to
growing up poor. Having records has always been a clumsy way of insulating
myself from homelessness, convinced at all times (while usually uninsured)
that I was one broken back operation away from sleeping in a dumpster.

But now I'm pretty sure (what with clever financial decisions and a vaguely de-
cent social network) that I probably won't ever have to sell Phil Cohran 7"s to
pay for ambulance rides. I don't know how my (usually terrified) brain formed
in that way, but I've gotten tired of having to rent an extra bedroom to house
a bunch of plastic discs with dust making cardboard pockets, so they all must
go. Mountains of excellent punk, post-punk, raps, metal, jazz, etc. If you're
looking to buy, get in touch. I'm going to sell the slow and intimate way, while
hoping to squeeze every last cent from them. For me there is no great inheri-
tance later in life, no retirement nest egg. Just these Gism and flat edged Blue
Note LPs. Send me an email and we'll make arrangements to talk on the phone
and see what you're in the market for. (SSB: sorry so boring)

(Above photo: Ashley at Rosemary & Ron's Farm, Cape Vincent NY, 2016)

HAVE A LOOK: Are you not busy as fuck
this Saturday at 7pm? I have the extreme honor of appearing on the live game
show The Future is Zero, hosted by (who I can tell is probably a total genius)
Claire (Clay Buff) Buss. Described as a "confusing albeit very fun blend of
public access, Double Dare 2000, and nihilist party art project," it's more than
likely primed to be the event of the weekend. What other reason is there
even to ever leave the house anyway, y'know?

HAVE A LOOK: A couple of days ago I was in a
very slow moving line at Trader Joe's, listening closely to the lady behind me,
who was in the middle of breaking up with her partner, arguing over a dog,
not who would get to keep it, but who would have to keep it. After hanging
up she asked me if I had been listening, and I admitted that I had. She then
asked if I wanted a dog, which she described as a "Cavalier King Charles who
barks a lot." HEY LOOK: take some time and list out your accomplishments for
the year, it will probably make you feel nice. I had five art shows, visited nine
states, made 286 paintings, appeared on Apartment Therapy, made some
friends, lost some friends, went to the hospital, ate a beef neck (yuck),
designed some stuff, slept a lot, did some pranks, had some laffs, took 211
really, really, really, really long baths. See you next Tuesday.

BEST OLD NEWS: The "How to Grab a Pussy" campaign has raised more than
$800 for Mary's Place, a shelter for women and children in downtown Seattle.
All prints are in the mail, if you ordered one, you should have it soon. If you haven't
received yours, contact here to let me know.

Otherwise, here's a wrap-up of the last 1/2 of 2016 through photos or drawings
or whatever. Thanks for looking at my stuff.

Late November Leftovers Sale | SEATTLE WA 2016

Sidewalk Art Show Signs | CHICAGO IL 2016

Ashley at the Laundry | MONTREAL QC 2016

Basketball Didi | SEATTLE WA 2016

Beyonce & Kate Harmer's Dog | SEATTLE WA 2016

Ashley as Christina's World | CAPE VINCENT NY 2016

1/2 of Ween | SEATTLE WA 2016

Charlene Manson For Prez | SEATTLE WA 2016

Cher / No Sonny | SEATTLE WA 2016

"I Can Take It"| SEATTLE WA 2016

Chohuli Hot Sauce | SEATTLE WA 2016

Christmas Day | SEATTLE WA 2016

House Blend Super Star Buck | SEATTLE WA 2016
(I might have more of this, get in touch if you want a free bag)

Old Computer Tangle Mess | SEATTLE WA 2016


Old Computer Tangle Mess #2 | SEATTLE WA 2016

Death is Wack | SEATTLE WA 2016

Delta Bingo | HAMILTON ON 2016

Suspenders | SEATTLE WA 2016

Evil Grimace | CHICAGO IL 2016

Flannery O'Connor #100 | SEATTLE WA 2016

Georgia + the Cheetah | SEATTLE WA 2016

Gibeau Orange Julep | MONTREAL QC 2016

Expired Gift Certificates | SEATTLE WA 2016

How to Grab a Pussy T-Shirts | SEATTLE WA 2016


Best Birthday Drawing | SEATTLE WA 2016

After-After Party | SEATTLE WA 2016

Horse Wrestling (clean) | SEATTLE WA 2016

Horse Wrestling (dirty) | SEATTLE WA 2016

Forever Dog | BROOKLYN NY 2016

Ice Cream Lincoln | SEATTLE WA 2016

Small Things | SEATTLE WA 2016


John Cena & Me | SEATTLE WA 2016

Johnny Bench | SEATTLE WA 2016

Jolene Scribbles | SEATTLE WA 2016

Julia Child | SEATTLE WA 2016

Hi I Just Wanted To Say Hi | SEATTLE WA 2016

Kate Bush Wow | SEATTLE WA 2016

Lake Michigan | CHICAGO IL 2016

Restaurant Burger | SEATTLE WA 2016

DIY Letraset Lincoln | SEATTLE WA 2016

Lobby Movie Theatre | SEATTLE WA 2016

Ashley, Logan, & the Phone | SEATTLE WA 2016

Living Room Update | SEATTLE WA 2016

Montreal Street #1 | MONTREAL QC 2016

Montreal Street #1 | MONTREAL QC 2016

Moody Mural | SEATTLE WA 2016

Four Author Mugs | SEATTLE WA 2016
(Buy them from here, if interested)

NES / Collapse Cat | SEATTLE WA 2016

Shitty Fortune | SEATTLE WA 2016

No Miracles | SEATTLE WA 2016

Life: No Thanks | SEATTLE WA 2016

Jazz Cat | NEW ORLEANS LA 2016

Ocean Specific / Lake Was Hington | SEATTLE WA 2016

Indiana Ohio Border Burger | OHIO 2016

Omar Don't Play | SEATTLE WA 2016

Feminist Wall Paper | SEATTLE WA 2016

Pluto's Red Hots | SEATTLE WA 2016

Birthday Party | SEATTLE WA 2016
(Thanks to Nolan Sage)

Political Yawns | SEATTLE WA 2016

Wedding Present | SEATTLE WA 2016

School Boom | SEATTLE WA 2016

Stay With Us #25 | SEATTLE WA 2016

Stoop Show #4 | CHICAGO IL 2016

Google Street View | SEATTLE WA 2016

Rocky Balboa | SEATTLE WA 2016

The Day I Beat My Father Up | SEATTLE WA 2016

Eat At Arby's All of the Time | SEATTLE WA 2016

Vote For Dogs | SEATTLE WA 2016

I Am Very Nice | SEATTLE WA 2016

Zadie Smith | SEATTLE WA 2016

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BONUS: The Best Black Flag Digi-Bootlegs I Discovered in 2016

When I was a skatebrat in 1980s suburban Cleveland, Black Flag numbed the
seething pain of my tormented middle class home life. I was 12, my mother
was working on her third divorce, Vision Street Wear was my uniform, and I
was piiiiiised. Black Flag’s entire catalog was my mantra, I saw no difference
between the seminal howl of Keith Morris and the tough n’ crazy noodle jams
of In My Head. I can see the difference now, but I still appreciate all eras of
the band. So holy shit was I thrilled when user Ixi'kweez started bulk
uploading a collection of Black Flag live shows to YouTube. A majority of the
recordings are unlistenable, sounding like they’d originated from the breast
pocket of a denim punk vest while “caught in a mosh.” But some of them are
blisteringly excellent, and this list makes it easier to separate the bad from
the baaad. Fuckin’ a.

#8 1982 July 1st, OAP, Victoria Canada

Great audio (vocals are a little low) of a finely tuned band in the middle of
a grueling five month tour. Recorded less than a year after Henry joined,
which was an exciting time of chaos before everybody fell into their perma-
nent roles. Well, everybody except the ever-rotating bass and drums slots.

#7 1982 July 23-24, On Broadway, San Francisco, CA

This isn’t officially a bootleg, it was recently licensed (and legimately?) re-
leased. The only semi-official document of the often deified five piece lineup
with Chuck Biscuits on drums. It’s pretty fucking brutal, but almost, in a
strange way, too perfect. Like being poor and then winning the lottery, but
then still feeling empty, so you turn to religion, etc.

#6 1985 February 8th, Unknown Venue, Los Angeles CA - Instrumental

I’m a huge fan of the four track instrumental record The Process of Weeding
from 1985. From what I can tell, this show was recorded seven months
before that record was released, so probably around the time it was re-
corded. This show is all of the tracks from TPOWO plus “Obliteration” from
Slip It In. Altogether, a batch of songs best enjoyed while following Ginn’s
ead of weed haze and a lapful of cats, also excellent music to work to, as
the lyrics and screaming doesn’t get in the way.

#5 1986 June 27th, Graystone Hall, Detroit MI (The Last Show)

Ah, the infamous last show at the end of the In My Head tour. Jesus, can
you image Detroit in the middle of a sweltering summer in the mid 1980s?
John Brannon skulking around, Tesco Vee being gross in a corner… holy
shit, what a time. This is two years after the infamous “Henry Rollins is
Mean to a Fan Backstage
” video clip, which I believe also took place in
Detroit. Regardless of that… the last show, what can you say? The record-
ing here is pretty fucking ripping, though the vocals are mixed kinda high. I
don’t have much against this lineup, though I don’t understand the decision
to replace Kira with C'el Revuelta. But who knows what life was like at that
time, culturally or within the band’s social scene. I just considered though,
if I hadn’t heard any music ever and this was the very first thing I’d ever
heard: man, I’d probably hate it. Context only right here.

#4 1986 April 20th, City Gardens, Trenton NJ

Just a few months before the Graystone Hall show, pretty much same set
list, sound, vocal inflections. I reckon you could read Get in the Van or
Planet Joe for some behind the scenes info, but what do you need to
know? C'el and Anthony were scamming on girls, Greg was ripping the
bong, and Henry was quoting Henry Miller, calling Diamanda Galas on the
telephone. What would have things have been like if they continued? My
opinion is that they broke up a year too late, but Henry got busy right
afterward on the right path. Everybody else tumbled right into a garbage
heap, IMO.

#3 1981 December 25th, Hittsville, Passaic NJ

Fuuuuucking awesome. If I’m not mistaken this was a Christmas show
with the Misfits, probably recorded by the same person who recorded the
infamous If You Don’t Know This Song… What The Fuck Are You Doing
Here? bootleg. The sound is excellent, dirty and blown out. Henry does a
lot of Darby Crash growling. Classic recording from a classic era.

#2 1984 October 13th, JB’s, Kent OH

I went to school at Kent State eight years after this show was recorded.
Eight years seems crazy now that I’m older. The difference between 2016
and 2008 is hardly anything. But 1984 to 1992? Worlds apart! Or even
1984 to 1976? That’s crazy! This show is near-perfect, Bill Stevenson on
drums, Kira on bass, band tight as shit and Rollins firmly implanted in Rollins
mode. Raging. Killer.

#1 1985 August 23rd, Starry Night, Portland OR*

AHHHH, the number one best show recording on this list well thought out
list of show recordings. The reason? It’s essentially the unedited material
that later became Who’s Got the 10 ½. It’s so cool to hear something like
this when the edited version has been pounded into your brain. Plus there
are backing vocals that were later removed. Especially on “Bastard in
Love,” which sounds like somebody (Kira maybe?) yowls like a wounded
cat during the chorus. It’s so good. Kira’s got the 10 ½ indeed.
(*Some sources claim this was recorded in Los Angeles on August
31st. Fuck if I know, man.)

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