A TRUE STORY: A few years ago I worked for a music industry business in a mid-sized American city. I was in charge of the mail and the telephone calls, and also ordering office supplies and saying hello to people. It was the best job I'll ever have. In the middle of 2016 I started receiving numerous messages on the overnight answering service, they'd typically start at 4am and end at 8am. I usually got to work at 9:25am. I am very lazy.

The messages began as a plea from a person (who I think lives in Baltimore) for Chris Cornell to stop calling her Black Hole Sun. Eventually the calls focused more on Walt Disney (of course), Janet Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Andy (from Mother Love Bone), "and my Layne Staley." Sometimes the person would vow to team up with Eddie Vedder to "sing Hunger Strike on the lame ass" of Chris Cornell. Sometimes Barry Gordy was involved. At times it got wild and she'd call during the day and we'd sing "The Rooster" together. I talked to her for hours. She called herself "Vod" but also "Si-Fury."

Please know that I am not making fun of this person or putting their madness on display to be ridiculed. I think there's a lot of truth all around us and it's easy to miss. Or dismiss, or decide that it needs to be "ignored" or "respected." I played some of these recordings as a guest on a major FM radio station in a mid-sized American city and a few people were very upset. Some threatened to pull their donations to the major radio station. If these recordings rub you the wrong way, that's understandable. If you'd like to talk about it, feel free to contact the big "D" at night.

A Supposed Hannibal Lecter
Gavin Rossdale
Greg Dulli Owes The IRS
I Have a Frog

Kick You Out of Your Race
Michael Jackson and Walt Disney

My Other Brother Joe Strummer (Maybe Biggie)
My Other Half Brother Sebastian Bach
My Talents Are Being Wasted

Some Issues

They Come to Snuff the Rooster
& Wonderwall

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