Notes #1: When I was a child I was convinced that being an adult meant
living in an apartment building alone, having a cat, and being an
accountant. The reason why I can't get stoned (now that weed is legal
here, it's soooo boring) is because I start to get paranoid that I've
made all of the wrong decisions in life and should be an accountant,
not a wacky man-child with a website. Regardless, I recently realized
that I'm actually quite close to my childhood fantasty of adulthood,
though I'm a receptionist and can wear the same clothes to work every
day. Also, I no longer have a cat. So I'm essentially just saying that
I live in an apartment building alone.

Notes #2: The person who delivers the mail to the office that I work
at is named Eddie. Every day Eddie tells me where he and his co-workers
are going to eat, and then he asks me if I've ever been to the place
that they're going. Just to cut the conversation short I always say
that I have been where they're going and that it's "pretty good,"
though 90% of the time I've never even heard of the places he's talking
about. Today he told me that they were going to the Spring Garden,
which was supposed to be a new Thai restaurant on 2nd Ave. When I told
him that I had been there and that it's "pretty good," he told me that
he just made that name up because he'd suspected that I was lying about
going to every restaurant. "There's a Spring Garden in Ohio," I
responded. "And it's pretty good."

Notes #3: Speaking of Ohio, I'm going to be there next month! Get in
touch if you live there and want to hang out. I have an art show in
Tremont and am giving a talk at the Cleveland Institute of Art on
October 19th. We'll get some Mr. Hero and watch the river burn.

Notes #4: I very much like the art of Bridget Beorse.

Notes #5: A warm internet welcome to the first child of Julia & Steve:
Georgia Elizabeth! Destined to be a great one, no doubt about it.

Seal of Approval, Seattle WA 2014

Life while being single / in the ether is both terrifying and wonderful,
at first it's really hard but then you get used to it and you ride it like a
donkey going real fast downhill. I kind of half fall in love with a person
every other day, only to prefer to watch movies and eat spaghetti
alone. Most of the time I'm monumentally happy, with only occasional
heart stabs. I also eat a lot of chocolate in the bathtub.

Taking Pictures, Seattle WA 2014

On my recent walks to work I really like to take pictures of people
who are out and about early doing things. I asked this person if I
could take her picture, and she said I could, but only if she didn't
have to pose, "like that internet shit."

Bekah in the Men's Room, Seattle WA 2014

Zack from Porchlight Coffee recently stopped by the Sub Pop
office and took this picture of me holding a mechanical cat,
Sam fake peeing, and Bekah wearing a Chinese New Year
mask. Bekah said that the air in the men's room was gross,
because it was "thick like stew."

Buzzfeed Lawsuit, Seattle WA 2014

"Did you see this?" - Elvia Carreon, 9/30/2014

Pre-Pregnancy Chelsea Clinton Paper Doll, Seattle WA 2014

Find this in the print edition of November's Marie Claire. Buy a few
copies and cut them out. Realize that the pieces don't fit.

DIY Everything Bagel, Seattle WA 2014

When you get to work late and somebody has brought bagels
and only the plain remain, you can just scrape the scraps right
on top of them and then OH MY GOD DIY EVERYTHING BAGEL.

Double Paned Window Bears
Seattle WA 2014 | 54"x42" | LATEX ON WINDOW | NFS

I made these bears to sell just so that I could justify buying
a new TV. Eventually I found one on Craigslist and drove to
West Seattle to pick it up. The person selling the TV made
me take my shoes off when I got to his home, but I haggled
him down $40 and then we talked about Philip K. Dick
books for 20 minutes. And I don't even know anything
about Philip K. Dick books.

World Chomp, Seattle WA 2014

This is just a half drawing of a cat eating the world, big whoop.

Holland Project Art Show, Reno NV 2014

I'm having an art show for most of October at the Holland
in Reno, NV. Go to it, if you want.

I'm So Happy, Crying all of the Time #2
Seattle WA 2014 | 24"x24" | LATEX ON WOOD
(shipping included)

It has been less of a weird day week month year but I am doing much
better and I hope everybody is doing much better as well.

Maybe it is What it Isn't, Seattle WA 2014

God, I hate modern slang more than anything. If I see
somebody refer to somebody else as "BB" ever again,
I'm going to literally and virtually strangle everybody on
the internet IRL.

Lance's Kids, Seattle WA 2014

A few weeks ago, Lance Bangs and Vice took me and Meghan,
plus Howard Kremer, Alice Wetterlund, Adam Cayton Holland, and Jen
to a Seahawks game. I won $20 on a bet with Adam, but I had already
spend $23 on a 18" hot dog covered in nachos. Thanks, Lance Bangs!

Karl Marx, Seattle WA 2014

DID YOU KNOW that Karl Marx had children named: Jenny Caroline,
Jenny Laura, Edgar, Henry Edward Guy, Jenny Eveline Frances, Jenny
Julia Eleanor, and one more who died before being named in July 1857.
There are allegations that Marx also fathered a son, Freddy, out of wed-
lock by his housekeeper, Helene Demuth.

The Country Omelette, Seattle WA 2014

I don't know what took me so long, but I finally mastered
the country omelette. I think mostly they would usually just
turn into scrambles, because I'd get too impatient waiting
for the fold. It was very important to learn the Jacques Pepin
butter browning method, and this video is a great way to learn.
The second half with the demonstration of the French version
is like heavenly food ballet.

Organized Sports
Seattle WA 2014 | 12"x12" | LATEX ON WOOD
(shipping included)

Wrestling and fathers and kids are all very odd things.

Alley Sign, Seattle WA 2014

Found at 4th and Virginia in Belltown, photo by Jason Baxter.

Reality Bites Night, Seattle WA 2014


Seattle Burger Champ, Seattle WA 2014

This just came via email one day, I have no idea why a
person would make this, but I like it a whole lot.

Seattle Times 1944, Seattle WA 2014

The rent at my apartment was at one time
$75 per month.

What Does Shannon Love?, Seattle WA 2014

State of Was
Seattle WA 2014 | 12"x12" | LATEX ON WOOD
$50 BUY HERE (shipping included)

I made this painting for Robin Kim after she
bought some A.E. Housman books for me,
and I guess to make it less special, I've
decided to sell replicas (sorry).

Steve Martin: I'm Just a Wild & Crazy Guy
Seattle WA 2014 | 18"x24" | LATEX ON WOOD
$100 BUY HERE (shipping included)

Street Garbage, Seattle WA 2014

Pine Street, Capitol Hill.

Street Sleeps, Seattle WA 2014

Pine Street, Capitol Hill.

Street Sleeps, Seattle WA 2014

Pine Street, Capitol Hill.

Street Sleeps, Seattle WA 2014

Cal Anderson Park, Capitol Hill.

Street Sleeps, Seattle WA 2014

Pine Street, Capitol Hill.

Street Sleeps, Seattle WA 2014

Pine Street, Capitol Hill.

Street Sleeps, Seattle WA 2014

11th Avenue, Capitol Hill.

The Debate is Over #1, Seattle WA 2014

Belltown, downtown Seattle.

The Debate is Over #2
Seattle WA 2014 | 24"x36" | LATEX ON WOOD
(shipping included)

The League of Women Voters
Seattle WA 2014 | 24"x24" | LATEX ON WOOD
$120 BUY HERE (shipping included)

The Queen of England and Three Cheeseburgers, Seattle WA 2014

Too Racy for K. Grubbs, Seattle WA 2014

1981 Honda Accord Times Three, Seattle WA 2014